DOMS Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of suctions, strainers, filters, pressure gauges, and inline flow diffusers for the hydraulics industry. Years of being a reliable supplier allowed us to adapt to the evolving industry while providing all the latest innovations that the hydraulics sector relies on.

Our in-house facility can also design and develop parts and components from standard products according to specific requirements and requests. Since not all of our customers have the exact specifications, we tend to be flexible to meet their needs and wants.

Serving the Hydraulics Industry for Over Six Decades

Our products are produced with consistency and quality for the various applications present in the sector. Our expert engineers and machinists guarantee that each product we make will improve your bottom line.

Our products are as follow:

  • Suction filters: A hydraulic suction filter protects the pumps from being contaminated by dirt. A hydraulic filter can trap any impurities, particulates, and contaminants that may be present in the hydraulic fluid. A hydraulic oil filter can also effectively remove solid matter from process fluids before cycling through the system again.
  • Suction strainers: A hydraulic suction strainer is responsible for removing large contaminants present in the process fluids to prevent damage in the system. These are made to endure even the harshest hydraulic conditions.
  • Air filters: An air filter is part of a combination of components that regulate and filter air and pressure within the hydraulic system. The engine air filter is also designed to remove particulates from incoming air to ensure the system performs optimally.
  • Spin-on filters: A spin-on oil filter is a low-pressure hydraulic filter used to suction or filter the return line of the circuit. The spin-on filter is easy to maintain due to its disposable spin-on fuel filter can, which you can replace with a replacement element.
  • Diffusers: These are for the hydraulic high-speed return lines, which slow down the fluids entering the reservoir. It effectively eliminates aeration, foaming, noise, and turbulence due to the return lines.
  • Sight and pressure gauges: The pressure gauge is used to measure and gauge the pressure of fluids within a hydraulic system. It’s also called an oil pressure gauge and is essential in low-pressure systems to ensure the system runs smoothly. Using the proper fuel pressure gauge will give you an accurate reading of the pressure, which can help detect and prevent major system problems.
  • Reservoir breather filters: These are essential in a hydraulics system as it protects components against wear particles and destructive moisture.
  • Air breathers: These are designed to prevent air from entering the reservoir unless filtered.

Custom Services to Meet Your Exact Needs

Every project is different; some need parts or components that may not be available in the market anymore. To ensure your project succeeds, we offer custom services to provide hydraulic solutions that meet your exact needs. Products we can custom design and develop:

  • Strainers
  • Filters
  • Return line flow diffusers

We'll follow your custom specifications and drawings, even for unavailable or discontinued parts, to ensure your system runs smoothly. From start to finish, we're here to provide quality products built precisely for their intended purpose.

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Why Choose DOMS Incorporated

We have been around for many years to provide solutions that guarantee success. We remain reliable and consistent with our products despite the changing times. We’ll remain your trusted supplier for all your hydraulic system needs, even for phased-out components.

If you need help or have any unanswered questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our experts will provide you with answers to all your concerns. For larger projects, request a quote, and we can give you a competitive price that won’t break the bank. We’ll find a winning solution for all your project’s requirements.

Innovative Custom Design

Custom Design

DOMS Incorporated builds quality suction filters, strainers and flow diffusers for a number of diversified OEM industries.

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Impeccable/Excellent Quality, Service and Delivery

Quality, Service and Delivery

Our excellent reputation has created a loyal and ever-growing customer base.

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Domestic Accessibility


Products and support in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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