Are you looking for custom design filters, strainers, and diffusers for your industrial or commercial application? DOMS Incorporated has the perfect solution for you. With over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing various filtration products, we know exactly what is required to achieve the highest quality results. 

As a custom air filter manufacturer, our experienced team works closely with our customers to develop custom solutions that are tailored to exceed their needs while maintaining optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If you’re ready to take control of your filtration situation, look no further – DOMS Incorporated has the people and expertise needed for any customized filtration challenge!

What are hydraulic filters?

Hydraulic filters are a critical component of hydraulic systems. They help to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can damage system components or reduce performance. Hydraulic filters are typically used in farming equipment, industrial machinery, and construction vehicles. 

Industrial filter

The filter’s job is to prevent particles from reaching sensitive hydraulic components like:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Actuators
  • Motors
  • Cylinders

Regular maintenance would be essential to ensure system failure with these hygiene measures in place. 

DOMS Incorporated offers different types of filters, such as custom air filters and custom suction filters to custom suction strainers and custom diffusers. The suction filter is an in-line filter designed to fit on the inlet side of a hydraulic system pump. This type of filter can be used for filtration and pressure regulation, allowing for cleaner operation while optimizing performance. 

The flow diffuser is designed to function as a sediment trap, helping to reduce clogging or restriction caused by particulate matter entering the system. It also helps reduce pressure surges that could damage sensitive components within the system. These products offer superior protection from dirt and debris, ensuring your hydraulic systems run smoothly and efficiently. 

Our Capabilities For Manufacturing Custom Filters

DOMS Incorporated proudly offers custom filter manufacturing capabilities spanning various industries. Our custom design filters combine the latest advancements in material selection, machining, and testing processes with our experienced engineers to provide you with the highest quality filters possible. Here are some of them:


Custom air filters

Custom air filters for hydraulic systems must be built precisely as they are used in applications requiring highly clean and filtered air. An air filter must capture all airborne particles, including dust, pollen, mold spores, and other contaminants. 

The filter media must be chosen based on the intended application to ensure the highest quality of custom air filtration for hydraulic systems. This is why working with a manufacturer specializing in custom air filter design and fabrication for hydraulic systems is important. 

At DOMS Incorporated, we have decades of experience manufacturing custom air filters for hydraulic systems. Our team understands the importance of precise filtration and high-quality assurance standards when creating these specialized components. 

We source our materials from trusted suppliers and use our proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce filters that meet or exceed the needs of our customers. Our custom design filter considers efficiency, capacity, cost, and other variables to ensure a perfect fit for your application. 

Custom suction filters

Custom suction filters are essential for optimal hydraulic system performance. Manufactured to meet the exact requirements of each application, these specialized components help protect your critical machinery from damage and contamination.

At DOMS Incorporated, we specialize in custom-built filters that keep out a wide range of unwanted particles and debris that can damage your system or even cause it to malfunction altogether. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating quality filters with superior filtration capabilities so you can confidently trust your hydraulic systems’ performance. We use only the highest-grade materials to ensure reliable protection from:

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Dust
  • Rust particles
  • Other contaminants

We understand how important it is for our customers to have their custom suction filters installed quickly and correctly. That’s why we offer expert installation services to ensure your filters are ready to work immediately.

Custom suction strainers

Custom suction strainers are an essential part of any hydraulic system. These strainers, typically constructed from stainless steel mesh or wire cloth, act as a filter to protect the pump and other components from different contaminants entering the system. The right suction strainer can ensure your hydraulic systems remain protected and functioning optimally.

We specialize in the custom manufacturing of suction strainers for various applications. From low-flow filtration to high-pressure filtering systems, our experts have the knowledge and experience to design and fabricate the right product for your specific needs. Our advanced equipment can produce precise tolerances at even higher pressures than traditional filters.

Custom diffuser

Custom diffusers are crucial in hydraulic systems, allowing for precise fluid flow control. Diffusers are designed to optimize energy efficiency and reduce turbulence to improve system performance. 

At DOMS Incorporated, we specialize in custom diffuser manufacturing for hydraulic systems. Our team of engineers has the experience and expertise necessary to design and manufacture the perfect diffuser for your application. We can also modify existing designs or create new ones that meet your requirements.  

We use the latest machinery and technology to ensure that our diffusers are built to last. Our precision machining processes and high-quality materials help ensure consistent performance over time. We also offer a range of customization options, including surface treatments and finishing techniques, as well as metal alloy selections and other features. 

Why choose DOMS Incorporated for a comprehensive line of filters, strainers, and diffusers?

Group of hydraulic filter

DOMS Incorporated is an experienced and reputable provider of hydraulic filters, strainers, and diffusers. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality, durability, reliability, and accuracy standards. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for all your types of hydraulic filtration needs:

  1. Comprehensive Solutions: DOMS Incorporated offers complete solutions for filters, strainers, and diffusers. From design to installation and maintenance of their products, they provide a full-service solution for all your filter needs. 
  2. Industry Expertise: With more than six decades in the industry, DOMS Incorporated has the expertise and knowledge to deliver the highest quality products and services available on the market. 
  3. Variety of Products: DOMS Incorporated offers specialized products tailored to your needs. This includes standard models and custom solutions designed to maximize efficiency and performance in any application. 
  4. Quality Assurance: DOMS Incorporated is committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed your expectations, backed by a quality assurance guarantee. This means you can rest assured that our products are durable and reliable in the long term. 
  5. Competitive Pricing: With DOMS Incorporated, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for pricing; we offer competitive rates that won’t break your budget. Plus, with our years of experience and knowledge, we are confident you’ll get the best value for your money. 

We are your go-to source for all hydraulic filter needs

DOMS Incorporated specializes in designing and servicing hydraulic filters, strainers, and diffusers. We understand these items are critical components of systems everywhere, from agriculture applications to power generation. Our team is experienced in hydraulic engineering and uses only the best quality materials for every project. 

With an eye for detail, precise quality, quick turnaround time, and competitive pricing, you can have confidence in our products and services. Let us show you how a superior product is made – contact us or request a quote today!