Sight gauges serve liquid monitoring applications across industries, including food and beverage, chemical manufacturing, utilities, and more.

Accurate monitoring of tank levels in hydraulic systems helps manufacturers and other municipal and commercial organizations to save money and drive operational efficiency. With over 60 years of manufacturing commercial and military-grade filters, strainers, and flow diffusers, DOMS Incorporated has earned a reputation for providing our customers with high-quality solutions supported by superior customer service.

Overview of Sight GaugesSite Gauges

For manufacturing lines that use or process liquids, sight gauges serve an important purpose. Manufacturers may need to monitor hydraulic levels in order to track usage, ensure proper levels are maintained on the application. Hydraulic sight level gauges must be chosen carefully to ensure they meet the pressure, chemical resistance, and temperature requirements of the specific application they will be used for.

When selecting a sight gauge for your application, consider the following:

Pressure: DOMS Incorporated offers sight gauges for low-pressure applications.

Durability: We design our hydraulic tank sight level gauges to be sturdy and to perform well in the most demanding or stressful applications. In addition, our sight gauges are not impacted by UV rays or sunlight.

Industries that rely on sight gauges may include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Oil and gas
  • Hydraulics
  • Military and defense
  • Aerospace
  • Marine

More About DOMS

All DOMS products, including sight gauges, have bolts available in both U.S. standard and metric. Guards for sight gauges and hydraulic pressure gauges are available in aluminum, and the 5-inch guard is also available in nylon. We can meet production volumes ranging from one-to-100,000 EAU, with lead times depending on volume. Our standard is four-to-six weeks.

As a hydraulic pressure gauge manufacturer, we also understand the needs of our customers may not always be met by a standard solution, so we offer customized fabrication services to suit unique application requirements. We are particularly knowledgeable about the needs of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems and how sight gauges can be integrated.

DOMS Incorporated is an experienced manufacturer with a proven track record as a reliable partner. To learn more about our cost-effective sight gauges or other products and solutions, please contact us to request a quote.