DOMS Incorporated is an industry-leading manufacturer of quality suction filters, strainers, and flow diffusers.

For over 60 years, we’ve set the standard for creating high-quality, dependable products for industries including:

  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Foundries
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy-duty or off-road equipment manufacturing
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Mining

As part of its commitment to providing a full suite of value-added services, we offer a complete line of reservoir breather filters. We design our filters to operate in high-humidity areas, particularly hydraulic systems.

Overview of Reservoir Breather Filters

Reservoir breather filters protect precision hydraulic components in a number of systems. They prevent solid particle contamination from entering the hydraulic reservoir.

Types of Reservoir Breather Filters Offered

Reservoir Breather Filters

It’s important to have the correct reservoir breather filter for your system, or it may not function as intended. This could leave you with costly repairs. Keeping this in mind, we offer filters with the following technology:

  • Risers
  • Dipsticks
  • Spin-on breathers
  • Threaded breathers, the most common of which is the ¾ inch NPT

If you are unsure of the type of filter you need, please contact us.

Typical Applications

Reservoir air filters have a variety of different uses. Our filters most typically help with hydraulic systems.

Air particulate protection insulates your product against particle pollution. Hydraulic systems are particularly sensitive to particle pollution, as they rely on very tight tolerances to function properly. Installing a reservoir air filter on your hydraulic system will help preserve overall system health, resulting in cost savings and happy customers.

Features and Highlights of Our Reservoir Breather Filters

  • Threaded
  • Bayonet (1/4 turn)
  • Available in cast aluminum cap or nylon
  • Available with or without pressure valves
  • Available with cap locks

Any Specification Possible

We offer our filters with a number of customization options to make them perfect for any application. Clients can adjust filters’ basket length, include dipsticks, or control the pressure potential of the object.

Quality Materials and Fast Production Times

We design many of our filters with heavy-duty die-cast constructions, and we ensure that they’re able to fit the desired reservoir and easily allow you to maintain fluid levels. Our filler breathers clean the air that breathes into the tank, protecting your hydraulic system.

At DOMS Incorporated, no job is too big or too small! We achieve production volumes from 1 to 100,000 units, and we maintain lead times of around six weeks.

Create Top-Value Filters with DOMS Incorporated

DOMS Incorporated understands filters. We manufacture superior devices at affordable costs, keeping clients coming back year after year.

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