Located in Genoa City, WI, DOMS Incorporated has developed a reputation of excellence for the products we provide.

We offer quality hydraulic filters, strainers, and flow diffusers for a diverse group of OEMs across a wide range of industries. We tailor our products to your specifications, and we’ll exceed your expectations along the way.

Our diffusers can be utilized in many industries including:


  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Earth moving
  • Railroad
  • Nuclear power
  • Forestry
  • Foundry production
  • Aircraft ground support
  • In-plant equipment manufacturers

Additionally, we supply replacement strainers and filters for the military when they purchase equipment from one of our many OEM clients.

We’re expanding our product offerings and customer service network across the globe. Whether you’re looking for value-added services in North America, South America, Asia, Australia, or Europe, you’ll find our commitment to your satisfaction wherever you need it.

Diffuser Overview

DOMS Incorporated builds diffusers to custom specifications as outlined by our clients. We include design-specific details regarding dimensions, connections, hardware, and any other specific requirements.

How Diffusers Work

  • A suction filter removes unwanted particles from fluids before they reach the pump.
  • The fluid is returned to the tank thru the diffuser, sometimes under high pressure
  • The flow diffuser mitigates foam buildup as the fluid returns to the tank/reservoir by slowing and filtering the returning fluid.
  • The baffle plate helps dissipate foaming before the fluid is sucked back into the system.

By removing foreign debris, our diffusers and suction filters help prevent clogged openings, sticky valves, pump failures, and scored cylinders. This allows for smooth hydraulic performance.

Types of Diffusers

The epoxy resin creates a solid bond between the center core, end covers, and filtering medium. This cleanable device offers the rigidity required to withstand highly pressurized environments.

The versatility of our hydraulic system diffusers renders them compatible with regular petroleum-based hydraulic oils as well as aqueous and non-aqueous hydraulic fluids. They can work at temperatures ranging from  ̶60°F to +250°F.

Diffuser System Capability

We build all our diffusers with locking dome end-caps that can withstand and maintain high-pressure gallons per minute (GPM).

GPM ratings for DOMS Incorporated diffusers range from 5 to 100. Our standard dimensions vary from 2 15/16” D × 4 7/16” H to 5 11/16” D × 12 1/4” H, and we offer standard mesh filtering sizes at 30 mesh, 60 mesh, 100 mesh, and 200 mesh. However, as with all of our parts, we can modify these designs to your specifications. In addition to assembling our diffusers with our two-part epoxy resin, we also have the capability to assemble our diffusers by welding the components together for extremely high-pressure applications.

DOMS Incorporated’s Commitment to Service

We can typically fulfill orders with lead times ranging from three to five weeks, and we’ll happily carry specific inventory for you upon request. We can achieve production volumes from 1 to 100,000 units, shipping products to hydraulic tank manufacturers around the world. We also offer a full range of value-added services that will help provide you with the unique parts you need for your next application.

If you find yourself in need of efficient, affordable, and individually tailored diffusers, don’t hesitate to contact DOMS Incorporated. We’re happy to answer any questions or provide a free quote.