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What Causes Hydraulic Pump Failure?

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  The pump is the most expensive and critical component in any hydraulic system—it works by first creating a vacuum at the pump inlet, which generates atmospheric pressure. Liquid from the reservoir tank is then propelled through the inlet line to the pump, past a hydraulic filter or strainer, and into the hydraulic system. On […]

Hydraulic Suction Filters and Strainers

Are Suction Filters Still Necessary in Hydraulic Systems?

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  Suction filters and strainers are employed in hydraulic systems to remove contaminants from process fluids. The removal of contaminants is critical to protecting sensitive system components. The terms “suction filter” and “suction strainer” are often used interchangeably, but their main difference is the size of the contaminants they remove. As the process fluid flows […]

Pump Suction Strainers vs. Inline Filters

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  Compare pump suction strainers and inline filters to determine the best fit for your hydraulic system. In hydraulic systems, the infiltration of contaminants—even minuscule particulates—can cause damage to components that ultimately results in lower system efficiency and shorter service life. For these reasons, industry professionals employ the use of hydraulic filters and strainers to […]