Reservoir Breather Filters

In hydraulic systems, the presence of solid particulates can cause significant damage to system components and severely impact system performance. For this reason, industry professionals integrate reservoir breather filters—also referred to as air breather filters—into their hydraulic equipment to prevent airborne materials from entering through the reservoir.

The following article goes into further detail about the importance of using breather filters in hydraulic systems. It also outlines the air breather products available at DOMS Incorporated.

Breather Filters

What Is the Function of an Air Breather in an Hydraulic Tank?

In open-circuit hydraulic systems, air moves freely into and out of the reservoir as the fluid level falls and rises. Unfiltered air can carry a variety of foreign materials—e.g., dust, dirt, and debris—all of which can contaminate the process fluids within a hydraulic system. If left unchecked, these contaminants can damage system components or reduce system efficiency. Hydraulic breather filters remove solid particulates from incoming air to ensure the hydraulic system continues to perform as intended for the duration of its expected service life.

As indicated above, air breathers play a critical role in hydraulic systems. For this reason, it is important to maintain them properly to ensure they continue to fulfill their purpose effectively and efficiently. Proper maintenance for air breather filters involves regularly changing out the filter element. Failure to do so can lead to clogging, which, over time, can lead to the formation of a partial vacuum within the reservoir. This vacuum, in turn, can cause cavitation, which often leads to premature pump failure if left unchecked.

Air breather filters integrated with pressure valves are generally used to eliminate the risk of cavitation. If the pressure rises above safe levels, the valve activates to reduce the pressure within the system.

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Air Breathers for Hydraulic Reservoirs From DOMS Inc.

At DOMS Incorporated, we specialize in the manufacture of hydraulic filtration components. One of our core product offerings is air breather filters for hydraulic reservoirs.

Our reservoir breather filters offer air particulate protection capabilities, even in high-humidity environments. They are available in several variations to suit different hydraulic systems, including risers, dipsticks, spin-on breathers, and threaded breathers. Other design options include cast aluminum or nylon cap, with or without pressure valves, and with or without cap locks. Customers can customize various filter elements to suit their application requirements, including the basket length or pressure capacities.

Whether you require a filter breather for a hydraulic tank in the agricultural, construction, mining, or heavy-duty industrial sector, we’ve got you covered. Our experts have the knowledge and skills needed to help you identify the right filter for your hydraulic system. To discuss your application requirements with one of our representatives, contact us or request a quote today.

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